How to Get to the Property

Access from Shin-Yokohama Station 
3 minutes-walk from JR Shin-Yokohama station. 

1. From the ticket gate at the north exit of the JR Shin Yokohama Station, go directly through the station's lobby and you will see the escalator. 

2. After riding the escalator up, proceed to the right. 

3. Proceed towards the left at the entrance of the footbridge roundabout. 

4. You can then see the police station signboard shows "KOBAN" and an elevator. Walk down the stairs on the left side of the signboard or take the elevator to the ground floor. 

5. Then you can see the subway entrance ahead and the Mitsui Sumitomo Bank on the right side. 

6. From the exit 7 of subway, you can see Shin Yokohama Kokusai Hotel ahead a short crosswalk. 

    From the Airport to the Hotel

    It is about 30 minutes by bus or taxi from Haneda Airport to the hotel. 
    It is about 90 minutes by bus or taxi from Narita Airport to the hotel. 
    Ride the Narita Express from  Narita Airport to Yokohama Station, which takes 90 minutes. From there, ride the JR's Yokohama Line until you get to New Yokohama Station, which takes 11 minutes. It is then just a 3 minute walk from New Yokohama Station to the hotel. 

    By Shinkansen

    From Nagoya: 1.5 hours by Nozomi train. 
    From Kyoto: 2 hours by Nozomi train. 
    From Shin-Osaka: 2 hours and 20 minutes by Nozomi train. 
    From Shin-Kobe: 2.5 hours by Nozomi train. 
    From Okayama: 3 hours by Nozomi train. 

    By Train

    From Shibuya Station: 
    Take Tokyu Toyoko Line bound to Kikuna station and then transfer to JR Yokohama Line, 3 minutes to get to Shin-Yokohama station from Kikuna station. 

    From Yokohama Station: 
    11 minutes by municipal subway Blue-line. 

    From Machida: 
    17 minutes by JR Yokohama express train.